Student Opportunities

Several student trainees at the undergraduate through PhD levels, as well as post-doctoral researchers, are typically at work in the lab at any time. This may include summer students, longer term fellows and graduate students completing rotations or their dissertation research. The lab provides a vibrant, interactive and welcoming environment in which students combine deep focus in an area of study with exposure to the broader context of neuroimaging and brain function in health and disease.

Individuals with prior experience and skills in programming, statistics, image processing and analysis, and with the Linux operating system are best suited to the technical work inherent in our projects. When inquiring, please include a CV and cover letter that specifies past research and technical experience and skills. Due to demand for trainee positions, it is highly advisable that students make inquiries as early as possible and be aware that not all applicants can be accepted. Students below the undergraduate level are typically accepted in exceptional circumstances only, based on relevant skills or prior work.

Trainee Inquiries